Auction Dates & Venue

2020 Auction Dates

Friday 17th January Thursday 13th February
Friday 6th March Thursday 2nd April
Friday 24th April Thursday 21st May
Friday 19th June Thursday 16th July
Friday 14th August Thursday 10th September
Friday 25th September Thursday 22nd October
Friday 13th November Thursday 10th December

Due to Covid-19, our auction will be live streamed with a live auctioneer. All bidders will need to register for remote bidding. There will be no in-room bidding. The link to the live stream will be released on our website on the morning of the auction.

2021 Auction Dates

Friday 15th January Thursday 11th February
Friday 5th March Thursday 1st April
Friday 23rd April Thursday 20th May
Friday 18th June Thursday 15th July
Friday 13th August Wednesday 8th September
Friday 24th September Thursday 21st October
Friday 12th November Thursday 9th December

For further details please call us on 0151 207 6315 or email us at